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Dynavoice Clear Cable

We have developed a truly luxurious and stylish cable in copper, plated with tin. The Cable is provided with a transparent cover for those who want a little extra, without having to pay for it. The cable is delivered in rolls of 100 meters..

- Very smooth and flexible cable.
- Very good current conductivity.
- Very high quality of both leaders and plastic.
- Text marking on phases

- Each wire (Plus / Minus) consists 190 pieces separately tin plated copper wires.
- The copper wires are divided into six groups, each group has 32 leaders, and each group is twisted.
- The 6 groups are twisted around a central leader.
- Each wire is double insulated, a layer around and then another shell that separates the wires from each other.

Dynavoice Clear Cable is available in two variants, 2.15 mm2 and 1.04 mm2.

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   Dynavoice Clear Cable3361 kB

Dynavoice Cabels

  Clear Cable

Dynavoice Inceiling

  Inceiling IC-5
  Inceiling IC-6
  Inceiling IC-6D

Dynavoice Amplifiers

  D-amp 2

Dynavoice Charisma

  Charisma Below 8

Dynavoice Magic EX

  Magic F-5 EX (v.3)
  Magic F-6 EX (v.3)
  Magic F-7 EX (v.3)
  Magic C-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic S-3 EX (v.3)
  Magic S-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic LCR-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic LCR-5 EX (v.3)
  Magic FX-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic Sub 8 EX (v.3)

Dynavoice Challenger EX

  Challenger S-5 EX (v.4)
  Challenger C-5 EX (v.4)
  Challenger S-6 EX (v.4)
  Challenger M-65 EX (v.4)
  Challenger M-105 EX (v.4)
  Challenger Sub 10 EX

Dynavoice Definition

  Definition DC-5
  Definition DX-5
  Definition DM-6
  Definition DF-5
  Definition DF-6
  Definition DF-8

Dynavoice Thunder

  Thunder T-12

Discontinued Products

  Acoustics Panels 25 mm
  Acoustics Panels 50 mm
  Challenger C-5 (v.1)
  Challenger C-5 EX (v.2)
  Challenger C-5 EX (v.3)
  Challenger C-6
  Challenger M-65
  Challenger M-65 EX (v.3)
  Challenger M-85
  Challenger M-85 EX (v.3)
  Challenger S-5
  Challenger S-5 EX (v.3)
  Challenger S-6
  Challenger Sub 10
  D-amp EX
  Definition DM-5
  Dynamite 8
  Finale 10 Tower
  Finale Sub 10D
  Finale 10 Twin
  Inceiling IC-8
  Magic C-3
  Magic C-4 (v.1)
  Magic C-4 EX (v.2)
  Dynavoice Magic: F-3 (Set)
  Magic F-5 EX (v.2)
  Magic F-6 (v.1)
  Magic F-6 EX (v.2)
  Magic F-7 EX (v.2)
  Magic FX-4 EX (v.2)
  Magic LCR-4 EX (v.2)
  Magic S-3
  Magic S-4 (v.1)
  Magic S-4 EX (v.2)
  Magic Sub 8 (v.2)
  Silverstar Cable
  Dynavoice SRA-2100
  Charisma All 3
  Comet C-1
  Dynamite C-62
  Thunder T-10
  Charisma Around 5
  Dynamite S-61
  Definition SW-10 EX
  Challenger M-85 EX (v.4)
  Magic LCR-55D EX (v.3)
  Dynamite 10 (v.2)
  Dynamite 12 (v.2)
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