Max Power:   
  2 x 25 Watt (4 ohm)
2 x 15 Watt (8 0hm)   
  0,7 kg   

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Dynavoice D-amp

This small and handy amplifier is perfect for your computer, MP3 player, mobilphone, or maybe in the kitchen! Despite its small size it manages to drive most bookshelf speakers and even some floor speakers.

Remote control included
Use the included remote control to raise / lower the volume on the amp when you play music from your USB stick. You can also start, stop and change tracks..

- USB port for USB flash drive with MP3-music
- 3.5mm stereo input for audio from your MP3 player, computer, phones, CD players, etc
- Knob for volume, bass and treble.
- Remote control for controlling the amplifier in USB mode.
- Aluminum Front Panel

Nominal Power Output (Left & Right Channel (4Ω): 25W + 25W
Nominal Load Impedance (8Ω): 15W + 15W
Main channel: 4Ω - 8Ω
Input Sensitivity: 300 mV
Overload source emf: ≥2V
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
THD: ≤1%
S/N: ≥95dB
Channel separating degree: ≥70dB
Nominal voltage : 100V - 240V
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Current rating: ≤4 A
Nominal power: ≤52 W
Standby power: ≤2W
Weight: 0.7 kg

   Hi-resolution PicturesFilesize
   Dynavoice D-amp837 kB
   Dynavoice D-amp - Back878 kB
   Dynavoice D-amp - Standing987 kB
   Dynavoice D-amp - Content2299 kB
   Dynavoice D-amp - Closeup4946 kB
   Dynavoice D-amp - Remote1438 kB

Dynavoice Cabels

  Clear Cable

Dynavoice Inceiling

  Inceiling IC-5
  Inceiling IC-6
  Inceiling IC-6D

Dynavoice Amplifiers

  D-amp 2

Dynavoice Charisma

  Charisma Below 8

Dynavoice Magic EX

  Magic F-5 EX (v.3)
  Magic F-6 EX (v.3)
  Magic F-7 EX (v.3)
  Magic C-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic S-3 EX (v.3)
  Magic S-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic LCR-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic LCR-5 EX (v.3)
  Magic FX-4 EX (v.3)
  Magic Sub 8 EX (v.3)

Dynavoice Challenger EX

  Challenger S-5 EX (v.4)
  Challenger C-5 EX (v.4)
  Challenger S-6 EX (v.4)
  Challenger M-65 EX (v.4)
  Challenger M-105 EX (v.4)
  Challenger Sub 10 EX

Dynavoice Definition

  Definition DC-5
  Definition DX-5
  Definition DM-6
  Definition DF-5
  Definition DF-6
  Definition DF-8

Dynavoice Thunder

  Thunder T-12

Discontinued Products

  Acoustics Panels 25 mm
  Acoustics Panels 50 mm
  Challenger C-5 (v.1)
  Challenger C-5 EX (v.2)
  Challenger C-5 EX (v.3)
  Challenger C-6
  Challenger M-65
  Challenger M-65 EX (v.3)
  Challenger M-85
  Challenger M-85 EX (v.3)
  Challenger S-5
  Challenger S-5 EX (v.3)
  Challenger S-6
  Challenger Sub 10
  D-amp EX
  Definition DM-5
  Dynamite 8
  Finale 10 Tower
  Finale Sub 10D
  Finale 10 Twin
  Inceiling IC-8
  Magic C-3
  Magic C-4 (v.1)
  Magic C-4 EX (v.2)
  Dynavoice Magic: F-3 (Set)
  Magic F-5 EX (v.2)
  Magic F-6 (v.1)
  Magic F-6 EX (v.2)
  Magic F-7 EX (v.2)
  Magic FX-4 EX (v.2)
  Magic LCR-4 EX (v.2)
  Magic S-3
  Magic S-4 (v.1)
  Magic S-4 EX (v.2)
  Magic Sub 8 (v.2)
  Silverstar Cable
  Dynavoice SRA-2100
  Charisma All 3
  Comet C-1
  Dynamite C-62
  Thunder T-10
  Charisma Around 5
  Dynamite S-61
  Definition SW-10 EX
  Challenger M-85 EX (v.4)
  Magic LCR-55D EX (v.3)
  Dynamite 10 (v.2)
  Dynamite 12 (v.2)
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