2 x basreflex frammåt
Extra fin guldplätterad terminal som du kan ansluta som mono och stereo.   
  2 x 1-tums Superaudio-diskant   
  4 x 5,25-tums bas/mellanregister   
  4-8 Ohm   
Frequency Respons:   
  45-32 000 Hz (- 3 dB)   
  92 dB   
Max Power:   
  150 W   
Size (HxWxD):   
  800 x 200 x 130 mm
(utan tygfront och terminal)   
  8,8 kg   

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Dynavoice Magic LCR-55D EX (v.3)

Dynavoice Magic LCR-55D EX is big wall mounted LCR speaker that you can use both as front speakers and center, or as a unit in stereo mode.

Mono or Stereo?
LCR 55D EX has a unique construction that allows you to use it in many different ways. The speaker has a "Bi-wire" terminal on the back, but it is not used to Bi-Wire the speaker in the traditional way. Instead of separating the bass and midrange/treble, you can separate the speaker to 2 speakers. This way you can drive one speaker as a stereo speaker if you want. Perfect also as stereo Sound Bar!

Perfect match and perfect for home theater!
Dynavoice Magic LCR-55D EX is designed for enable you to to have the same speakers all around you - fronts, center and surround speakers. It also matches perfectly with the rest of the Magic series, so you can combine any speaker you want. You will not only get a very nicely system that takes little space, you also get the best timbre matching. Complete LCR-55D EX with a Magic Sub 8 and you have a sound that can easily compared with a floor-standing speakers.

Flexible - Put it as you like!
Back of each speaker is double threads that are prepared for VESA 100 wall mounts. With the brackets mounted you will get a small distance to the wall that gives room for the speaker cable. If you use the speaker as front speakers onewall mount is enough, if the speaker is used as a center, or as a stereo sound bar, use 2 wall mounts

Dynavoice logo is packed separately in the box. Grille cloth is ready for the assembly of the logo on the long side or the short side. This makes the logo will be horizontally regardless of whether you decided to mount the speaker on portrait or landscape.
Dynavoice Magic-series
Dynavoice Magic series has long been our best seller, thanks to a unique price / performance ratio which is not found in other speakers. When the more lavish EX models came, it became even more improvements. Nowadays Magic series not only Dynavoice most popular series, but has also become the largest series, with most models in the program. This allows you to combine your home theater as you wish. The possibilities are huge!

Dynavoice Magic EX Series (Version 3) is available in two stylish designs - Black & White. Both colors have a slight wood texture, which makes your new speakers fit in any room and you will be able to have them for long without becoming outmoded. Why not combine the black front speakers and center, to match your flat panel TV with the discrete flat white surround sound speakers? The choice is yours, as always, with Dynavoice...

The sound
Sound character in the Magic series is designed to be very easy-listening, but with a focus on hi-fi sound. All the speakers in the series have the exact same Super Audio tweeter for best sound matching. It does not matter which speakers you choose to combine, they fit together and gives you a seamless audio experience.

Reviews in hifi magazines
It's not only our customers who are satisfied with the Magic speakers, the Magic series has also received top marks in affordability in hifi magazines. Magic F-6 was awarded the second prize as the best speaker in the budget category of Bild&Ljud Home magazine in Sweden. Only beaten by the big brother Dynavoice Challenger M-65...

Dynavoice Cabels

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Dynavoice Inceiling

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Dynavoice Amplifiers

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Dynavoice Charisma

  Charisma Below 8

Dynavoice Magic EX

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Dynavoice Challenger EX

  Challenger S-5 EX (v.4)
  Challenger C-5 EX (v.4)
  Challenger S-6 EX (v.4)
  Challenger M-65 EX (v.4)
  Challenger M-105 EX (v.4)
  Challenger Sub 10 EX

Dynavoice Definition

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  Definition DF-5
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Dynavoice Thunder

  Thunder T-12

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  Magic LCR-55D EX (v.3)
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