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Most speakers are designed under ideal conditions, often in specially designed sound rooms. Frequency curves and phase curves are measured here, too. Costly measurement programs and advanced hifi amplifiers help to achieve perfect measurements. Here at Dynavoice, we start off by designing our new speakers under the same conditions.

But because our speakers are most often used in people’s home environments, using “normal” systems, we then take our development work further. We design our speakers to suit a normal listening environment. We also measure our speakers under the same conditions so that we can be sure that they are producing the finest sound. Here at Dynavoice, we believe that speakers should be versatile so that they blend in all kinds of different rooms and the wide-ranging conditions that you have at home.

It’s just not as simple as just painting one picture and then telling people “this is what a really good picture is like”. This is not our view. We manufacture our Dynavoice speakers according to an ideal sound, but then we give you the opportunity to add the final touches yourself. The latest new feature on our speakers is X-change, which allows you to adjust the midrange and treble up or down. As always, the choice is yours. Adjust on the basis of your own personal taste and the conditions in your home.

Dynavoice provides the finest sound possible for the money. That is a simple fact. All our very happy customers and positive reviews out there are proof of this. We were recently awarded top marks for value for money by Hifi & Musik magazine for our Definition DF-5 and DM-5:

“The sound stage is relatively large and offers a lot of air. And at the same time, we have an incredible three-dimensional stage with the Dynavoices. These speakers don't leave much to the imagination for listeners who want a feel for the atmosphere in the recording studio. To achieve this, the Dynavoices disappear from the sound stage in a way that I never thought was possible among speakers in this price range. What I hear is pure music, not speaker reproduction!”
- Hifi & Musik 2008


Dynavoice Magic EX - Pure magic, given the price!
Dynavoice Challenger - The bestseller aiming to rise above!
Dynavoice Dynamite - Speakers with authority and control!
Dynavoice Definition - Our most exclusive speakers!

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  Dynavoice’s audio philosophy

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