4 x basreflex in back, two plugs included
Goldplated Bi-wiring terminal   
  1-inch SuperAudio   
  2 x 5,25-inch   
  2 x 10-inch   
  4-8 ohm   
Frequency Respons:   
  24 - 32 000 Hz (- 3 dB)   
  94 db   
Max Power:   
  300 W   
R.M.S. Power:   
  210 W   
Size (HxWxD):   
  1100 x 290 x 395 mm   
  32,9 kg/pc   

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Dynavoice Challenger M-105 EX (v.4)

The bestselling Challenger M-65 has finally arrived in a more powerful version - The M-105!

Challenger M-65 was the first speaker in Dynavoice series and has been a bestseller ever since. The M-105 is sounding as good, but has more resource in the bass. Now you can play louder than ever before with Dynavoice Challenger.

The Cabinet
The cabinet for M-105 is designed for maximum stability. This is to provide a tight ”hifi sound” without cabinet resonances. All the walls in the cabinet are 18 mm MDF, a plurality of struts are fitted in the box to give even more stabilizing. Treble and midrange are located in a box so that the elements will not interfere with each other. If you do a simple”knock test" on the box you understand what we mean...

Overall, this gives a really solid speaker with a weight of 32,9 kg. The EX version has been equipped with piano lacquered front to give the speaker the upscale look it deserves.

Dynavoice X-Change
At the top of the terminals are three gold-plated connectors. These are used to fine-tune the critical midrange area as desired. Choose between -2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB / +4 dB. Modification of connectors means that you change the speaker's character. Then you do not have to adjust the bass / treble controls on the amp to get the sound you want.

By placing the bracket in the various X-Change - holes you make changes in the 4 kHz - 20 kHz range. On the picture you can see how the sound is affected when you move the bracket. Without the bracket the level drops by 2 dB, with the bracket mounted the level changes with the number of dB written between the holes.

All elements are developed together with the crossover and cabinet to optimize for best sound. The tweeter is a Super Audio tweeter that is capable of playing very loud and clean. The midrange speaker is made of carbon fiber and provides good power and clarity to voices and the basses are made in kevlar, it gives the speed and the pressure that you desire. Together the elements give a very neutral sound and a sensitivity of less than 94 dB! The high sensitivity is a major advantage, especially for smaller amplifiers.

The speaker is equipped with 4 port tubes. The speaker acoustic characteristics can be adjusted whit the bass dampers that are supplied whit the speaker.

Dynavoice Cabels

  Clear Cable

Dynavoice Inceiling

  Inceiling IC-5
  Inceiling IC-6
  Inceiling IC-6D

Dynavoice Amplifiers

  D-amp 2

Dynavoice Charisma

  Charisma Below 8

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Dynavoice Challenger EX

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  Challenger M-105 EX (v.4)
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Dynavoice Definition

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Dynavoice Thunder

  Thunder T-12

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  Charisma All 3
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