Experience the Nordic Sound.

In the middle of Sweden right next to lake Hjälmaren lies Örebro. It is known for its live music scene, rich nature and beautiful city center with the majestic castle towering the many restaurants and the buzzing nightlife. This is where we design and engineer Dynavoice.

The Dynavoice logo is a quality stamp. It guarantees that our products come from a passion for music and sound with you, the listener, in focus. Through our different products you will discover ‘the Nordic Sound’, a warm and powerful, yet detailed and natural sound that over the years has become synonymous with Dynavoice.

We want you to discover new details in your favourite songs, and experience new dimensions when you re-watch your favourite movies with a multichannel sounds system. We love what we do, and we want you to hear and feel our passion and dedication through our products.

Thank you for choosing Dynavoice, and enjoy experiencing to the Nordic Sound.