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Definition DF-5 & DM-6

Stereo & Video October 4, 2018 (

Test of Dynavoice Definition DF-5 and DM-6 speaker systems: big bookshelfs speakers against small floor standing speakers.


Definition DF-8

StereoMag Audiofile blog June 28, 2018 (

Dynavoice DF-8 floor speakers - perfect sound on any song. Dynavoice Definition DF-8 floorstanding speakers will give you to the extraordinary, dynamic and authentic sound of your favorite tunes. The price for all these qualities is truly affordable.


Definition DF-6

Stereo & Video May 15, 2018 (

The undoubted advantage of the model is its high resolution, excellent dynamics and rhythm. DF-6 easily competes with the mid-budget models of most well-known brands.


Challenger M-65

Ljud & Bild nr 9 2011

The Dynavoice Challenger M-65 has the best price / performance ratio of the test. Compromises are made at the expense of characteristics that would be lost either way in a normal listening environment. In a more suitable acoustic condition they continue to impress but can understandably not keep up with the other multiply more expensive speakers in the test.

Definition DM-6

Hifi & Musik nr 4 2012

Properly positioned these powerful two are perfect in any occasion, and the perfect choice for the listener that truly appreciates raw but yet extremly detailed power. They are my personal favourites.

Definition 5.1

Hemmabiotidningen nr 11 2011

Among the impressions from the test panel we get ”Excellent brilliance”, ”soft but with a lot of treble” and ”a little in your face”. So that’s the verdict. Tonaly really good, almost perfect, without compromising on the power and with a sound image that is really close to the listener. Impressing performance, especially if you look at the price.

Magic F-7

Hifi & Musik nr 3 2016

The voice handling is neutral and does not tire out the ears, not even if you turn up the volume. Because of this the speakers encourage you to do just that – play really loud. Since the sensitivity is really high you will probably wake up a neighbour or two. The sound is honest and without fuzz, even though the Magic F-7 misses some of the more snobby characteristics from the more expensive competition.

Magic F-7

Digital Life nr 7 2011

I would have loved just a tiny bit more punch in the bass when I turn my living room into a dance floor, but nine times out of ten I truly enjoy the clear and clean sound. A big advantage with Dynavoice Magic F-7 is the over all stability that would have impressed even if the price was way higher.