Challenger CSB-V15

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The Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15 is as impressive in size as performance, and despite its massive appearance the heavy-duty cabinet and the overall innovative design makes it ideal for any type of stereo and home cinema setups. The CSB-V15 has a Klippel™-optimized woofer with aluminium cone, dual cooling systems and a cabinet made out of HDF with internal bracing and a front that is almost four centimetres thick. The front-firing slot port design, the many features and the high-quality components give the CSB-V15 a performance placing it in the absolute forefront in the 15inch segment.

The class A/B amplifier makes the CSB-V subwoofers extremely versatile. They have both RCA/LFE inputs and the RCA output makes it easy to link two (or more) subwoofers together. The high-level input allows you to connect the subwoofer directly to your amplifier speaker cables, and the 12V trigger connects to your pre-amp if you have one in your setup.       

The CSB-V subwoofers are equipped with Dynavoice X-Change, a parametric equalizer that lets you adjust the critical 63Hz frequency -3dB, 0dB or +3dB. Together with the built in crossover and the phase control you can fully adapt the sound to your surroundings and your own listening preferences. 

The Dynavoice X-Type Board is a bottom plate designed to allow you to use either soft damping feet or the included shock-absorbing acoustic feet. The Dynavoice X-Type Board also adds stability improving the integrity of the cabinet keeping vibrations to a minimum for an even better subwoofer experience.

Challenger CSB-V15
Challenger CSB-V15
Challenger CSB-V15

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Type: Subwoofer
Model: CSB-V15
Power Handling (RMS): 300 W
Power handling (Max): 600 W
Woofer: 15 inch
Frequency Range: 25-150 Hz
Crossover Frequencies: 35-150 Hz
Colour: Black , White
Enclosure Type: Vented
Dimensions (WxHxD): 480 x 524 x 582 mm
Weight: 33,6 kg

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From the basement to the world – The history of Dynavoice

Get an overview of 40 years of speaker development.